Gees in Flight

The metal sculpture Geese in Flight are 110 ft tall and 154 ft wide and weighs 157,659 lb.
The geese and the fake hills below were made from 12 oil well tanks that were taken apart and welded back together to form the shapes.
The Gees are part of the Enchanted Highway, which starts in Gladstone and leads to Regent.

Gees in Flight


Name of the Roadside Attraction: Gees in Flight
Parking:in front
Time required:10 Minutes
Descripton:Geese in Flight are part of the Enchanted Highway
Next town:Dickinson, ND
Findable:easy - next to the road
Fee area:no
Giftshop: no
Food or drinks: no
Kind of attraction: Roadside / Art
Best time to vistit: all year- in winter snow

   How to find

Address: 100 1/2 Ave, Gladstone, ND 58630, USA
Directions: Follow I-94 through Nort Dakota, about 13 miles east from Dickinson
Opening Hours: 24/7
Last visited: April 2017