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Welcome to the ultimate guide for offbeat, odd and weird (Roadside) Tourist Attractions all over the United States.


We love Roadside Attractions we are dedicating those sights a lot of time on our travels.

You will find more information on each and every Roadside Attraction, we have visited so far, on this website.

We are both in our 50ies and we are living in Germany. Once or twice a year we are traveling. Most through the United State or other countries, always looking for Roadside Attractions.

We love Muffler Man, Uniroyal Gals, fiberglass figures of all shapes, old gas stations, old motels, old motel signs, big advertising signs of all kinds, weird art, the biggest anything, and so on and so forth…

For any good Roadside Attraction, we are willing to drive several miles to take a picture and a memory, of course.


   Our 10 favorite Roadside Attractions

Have fun browsing.

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