Uniroyal Gal - Peoria

The Uniroyal Gal stand in front of the Peoria Plaza Tire ( Uniroyal Tire Shop) in Peoria.
The female version of the Muffler Man is very rare to find.
All over the United States there are nearly a dozen.
This gal changes clothes depends on the season. In summers she wears a red bikini in winter she gets a shirt and a skirt.
We visited the Uniroyal Gal in September 2019.

Locals call her Vanna Whitewall. She is 17,5 feet tall an weights around 450 pounds.
The big girl has been a local landmark since the 1960s and has even survived a car crash.

She was made by the International Fiberglass Company for the Uniroyal Tire Company.

We parked in a parking lot further down the street, in front oft the Gal is parking not permitted.

Uniroyal Gal Peoria, Illinois


Name of the Roadside Attraction: Uniroyal Gal Peoria, Illinois
Parking:no, you may park further down the street
Time required:15 Minutes
Descripton:The female Muffler Man - advertises for the Uniroyal Tire Shop
Next town:Peoria, IL
Findable:easy - next to the road
Fee area:no
Giftshop: no
Food or drinks: no
Kind of attraction: Mufflerman (Uniroyal Gal)
Best time to vistit: all year

   How to find

Address: 1800 SW Washington St, Peoria, IL 61602
Directions: Take exit 6B of Interstate 474 - take a right on Washington St.
Opening Hours: 24/7
Last visited: September 2019