Country Classic Cars

Country Classic Cars started small. It was a hobby for the Midwest mechanic and farmer. His passion turned into a business. He bought a piece of land near Staunton.

Country Classic Cars

On the land there are 100 of classic cars to see. They sell, show and rent them. You can walk along the rows with cars, some cars are outside others are in halls. and take a look in the gift shop. Absolutely worth it.

Name of the Roadside Attraction: Country Classic Cars
Parking:yes, several parking spots
Time required:2 hours
Descripton:A big collection of classic cars.
Next town:Mt Olive, IL / Staunton, IL
Findable:easy - next to the road (Rte 66)
Fee area:yes - 4$
Giftshop: yes
Food or drinks: no
Kind of attraction: Rest Stop and car shop
Best time to vistit: all year

   How to find

Address: 2149 E Frontage Rd, Staunton, IL 62088, USA
Directions: Follow Route 66 from Mt Olive to Staunton.
Opening Hours: 9-5 (sa 9-3)
Last visited: October 2013