America's Largest Cross - Effingham

This Cross known as the Cross At The Crossroads stand in Effingham at the intersection of Interstate 57 and 70.
It is almost 200 feet tall and weighs 180 tons.

This cross is 10 feet taller as the one in Groom, TX. But not as tall, as they need a lighting display for FAA regulation, to avpid planes flying into it.

There is a visitor center that offers trinkets for sale.

The cross is impressiv and worth a detour.



Name of the Roadside Attraction: America's Largest Cross ( Cross At The Crossroads)
Parking:there is a parking los
Time required:20 minutes
Descripton:A large cross
Next town:Effingham
Findable:easy - next to the road
Fee area:no fee
Giftshop: yes
Food or drinks: no
Kind of attraction: Worship /Roadside
Best time to vistit: all year

   How to find

Directions: From Exit 159 on I- 57 and 70, turn east on Lafayette Street, then south on S Raney Street, then West on Lake Knagge Road
Opening Hours: 24/7 (Visitor Center 9-5)
Last visited: October 2019